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The 5 Home Decorating Trends You Need To Know About For 2019

The 5 Home Decorating Trends You Need To Know About For 2019

Don’t you just love the beginning of a new year? A new opportunity for starting all those projects you always wanted to. An excuse to reinvent yourself, or (why not?) your home. We know, its hard to choose just one project, and trends are hard to predict. Nevertheless, there are some new design ideas that you just know from the beginning that they came to stay.

We took the task of collecting the main 5 trends that the best interior designers agree that you can’t ignore in 2019.

1. Sustainability


Photo Credits: GoLogic

Saving money and the environment? How can we not love this? A sustainable home is a design philosophy that focuses on improving the efficiency of resources like energy, water, and materials to reduce the home’s impact on health and the environment during the home’s lifespan. Sourcing sustainable fabrics, wood or other Eco-friendly materials is a great way to help our global environment. There is no limit to how far you can go. With the large array of products on the market, you can easily make your home completely out of sustainable materials.


Photo Credits: Jonathan Adler

2. Brass and other metal highlights

Elegant and chic are the words to describe this trend. Is a very simple way of adding extra sophistication to your home with little effort. The key is to choose the right metal to combine with what you already have. Brass, copper, silver, gold, rose gold. You choose. Keep it simple, don’t exaggerate, and everyone loves it.

3. Biophilia

This should not be confused with sustainability from the first trend. Biophilia is the
relationship between humankind and nature, and the connection between them. You may
have already started seeing this trend from a while back, but it keeps gaining affiliates.
Simple details such as interior plants, wood floors, stones for decoration, and the use of
crafted materials will give you a very much needed sense of comfort and calm.


Photo Credits: Andrew Franz Architect

4. Accent walls


Photo Credits: Dettaglio Design

So simple. Do you want to do a makeover to an entire room with little effort and budget?
Add an accent wall. Geometric figures, texture, patterns, a bright contrast color. Let the
room tell you what works with it. Just changing one wall can make you feel at a whole new

5. Terrazzo


Photo Credits: Papermint

Yes, terrazzo is back. And not just for floor tiles, in 2019 you’ll find terrazzo in coffee tables,
side tables, walls, kitchen countertops, and stairs. The key is in combining the right colors
and experimenting with different materials for this effect. This can even be mixed with the
trend of using sustainable materials to make a killer combo.

So, there they are. Which one is going to become your next home project?

As a bonus, we also recommend keeping an eye on handmade pieces and functional
furniture. They will also add a special touch to your home in the new year.


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