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These Tips Will Make Choosing Interior Color A Breeze

These Tips Will Make Choosing Interior Color A Breeze

First off, an essential rule to an amazing interior is to not fear color!

We know, adding colors, especially bright ones, can be a bold move and there’s a thin line between tacky and awe-inspiring. Some of the most recognized interior designers can spend significant time choosing the right color and tones because they understand that the right color scheme is essential for getting the room to make you feel exactly the way that you are imagining It.

Adding color is one of the top ways to add a bit of luxury to your home without a lot of effort.


Photo Credit: City Homes

That being said, let’s move on to the second most important rule: choose the color that’s right for you!

It’s ok to get inspiration from other places, but not because the bright orange worked for your cousin’s kitchen does it mean it will work for your living room also. Remember, colors have an impact in your mood. Some can be comforting and relaxing, such as pale pink and blues. While others are energizing like bright red or green. So, always take into consideration how you want to feel in the space you are designing.


Photo Credit: Eric Perry

If it’s your first time experimenting with color, go with what you know.

Colors from your wardrobe and furniture can give you a good idea of the colors that you feel comfortable with. Also, check what else is in the room you are trying to redesign. Are there any paintings? Why not match the wall with them? What type of patterns and textiles are on the furniture? How is the lighting in that room?

These are questions you should think about when adding color.


Photo Credit: Unknown

And last, but not least. Don’t rush it!

Take your time deciding, and even test different colors to get a feel for them. If you follow a quick impulse, chances are you are going to end up having to repaint…or worse, having to force yourself to live with it.

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