Add A New Property

Navigate to the Add New Property tab in your user dashboard and Complete all fields.

1. Property title

Enter Title Here: Add a title name for your property (Maximum of 60 characters)


2. Property Description

Use the content editor to enter all the property description info.


3. Type, Status, & Label

Type Menu | Select the property type (modern, Contemporary etc)
Status Menu | Select the property status (For sale, For rent etc)
Label Menu | Select the property label (Sold, Open house etc)


4. Sale or Rent Price

Sale or Rent Price: Enter the price for sale or for rent of your property. For example 3556000 or Price Upon Request.
Second Price: (Display optional price for rental or square feet): This is an optional price where you can show the price per square feet or you can use as you want.
After Price Label: It could be basically what you want. For example Per Month.
Before Price Label: It could be basically what you want. For example, Start From.

Sale price should only have numbers (No commas, dollar sign, etc).
Price wont display properly if ignored.


5. Property media

  1. Image upload: Click on “Select Images” button inside Property Gallery box displayed in the screenshot below.
  2. After you upload all 11 images or more, drag and drop each image to re-order them.
  3. To choose your featured/1st image, click on the star icon that is placed on your image at the bottom left.

For a listing to be approved, you must have a minimum of 11 images!


6. Property Details

  • Living sqft (Numbers Only): Enter the living area size. For example 1500
  • Living space displayed in sqft: Option is preset.
  • Total sqft (Numbers Only): Enter total sqft of land
  • Total land is displayed in sqft: Option is preset.
  • Bedrooms (Numbers Only): add the number of bedrooms
  • Bathrooms (Numbers Only): add the number of bathromms
  • Garages (Numbers Only): add the number of garages
  • Year Built: Insert the year when the property was built
  • Video URL: Insert video URL. YouTube, Vimeo, SWF File and MOV File are supported.

7. Additional Details

Additional Details: Allows you to add unlimited additional features/details to your property. (last remodel year, amenities, pool size etc)

  1. Title: Insert additional feature title
  2. Value: Insert additional feature value
  3. Click on + Add more button if you need to add more additional features

8. Property Features

Select the property features that apply.


9. 360° Virtual Tour

The virtual tour functionality works fine with embed code provided by services as

  1. Virtual Tour: Get the embed code of your virtual tour service
  2. Copy and paste the embed code provided by your service in the Virtual Tour box

9. Property Location

  1. Property Address: Insert the property address. As soon you start to type the address the system will suggest you the full formatted address.
  2. Property Location on map: Drag the google map marker to point your property location or click to Find Address button to locate the address on the map.
  3. Google Map Street View: Select if you want to show or hide the Google Map Street View on the property page

10. Floor Plans

Once enabled, you can add unlimited floor plans to your property.

  • Plan Title: Insert plan title
  • Plan Bedrooms: Insert number of plan bedrooms
  • Plan Bathrooms: Insert number of plan bathrooms
  • Plan Price: Insert plan price
  • Price Postfix: Insert price postfix
  • Plan Size: Insert plan size
  • Plan Image: Upload plan image
  • Plan Description: Insert plan description
  • Add more: Click button if you need to add more floors/property plans