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An Interior Designer’s Dreamy Home Remodel

An Interior Designer’s Dreamy Home Remodel

For Ashley Clark, giving her clients their dream home as an interior designer seems to be a walk in the park. That is, until she met her worst client yet..


it turns out when it came down to renovating her own home, she couldn’t commit to any design decisions and got easily sidetracked.


We find it shocking Clark had any issues because the finished project looks absolutely stunning! She wanted a family-friendly environment that felt super open with natural light, so Clark expanded the home from 1,500 square feet to a whopping 3,200 square foot masterpiece. This expansion was much needed considering she is Sharing this space with four children and her husband.


Using the location of the home (Newport Beach, California) to set the tone, Clark sprinkled some vintage charm throughout home to add character, warmth, and help balance out the California-inspired aesthetic of the space. For instance, her use of kilim rugs help offset the more modern pieces.


Going against her contractor’s best judgment, Clark decided on a white brick wall instead of a look-alike brick tile for the master bathroom. We must say, she absolutely nailed it! The black cabinets and bathtub also help balance the space.


The space Clark was most excited to tackle was the kid’s play room. She wanted her kids and their friends to spend a lot of time in there so she created the perfect hiding spot, a loft hidden above the entertainment console! Another special touch is the vintage scoreboard. Her friend rewired it so the score reads 4-2, representing her family’s tree of four kids and two adults.


Creating your dream home is no easy task, but Ashley Clark found a way to get back on track and get the job done. Between the California-inspired theme of the home and its vintage charm, we had to share!


Photo Credits: Ryan Garvin


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