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Inside a Mediterranean-Style Home With Tasteful Gobal Influences

Inside a Mediterranean-Style Home With Tasteful Gobal Influences

What would it take to rescue an outdated Mediterranean-style home in Altadena, California, dressed with peach stucco exterior walls, shiny brass fixtures, and a master bath fitted with shag carpet?

Interior designer Rosa Beltran knew exactly what was needed, to transform this blast from the past into a casual living modern California home!

She seamlessly blends Spanish revival, Moroccan and Moorish accents, while staying true to its Mediterranean roots. As you step inside the front foyer, you’re instantly greeted with an intricately carved bench accompanied with layered rugs and ethnic print pillows.


The living room features 30-foot ceilings and was perfect for an oversized light fixture to help reduce the size visually.

This space felt so airy with natural light, Beltran’s approach was to add very little art or ornamentation. Instead, she let the volume of the space speak for itself.


The kitchen was fitted with white cabinetry and unfinished wooden shelves. The porcelain tile backsplash connects the cabinetry to the countertops really well. To finish off, she adds warmth with woven stools and a kilim rug.


The rest of the house follows the same design principles with a mix of global influences and materials woven throughout.

For Beltran, it’s a must to balance rustic and sleek finishes with modern design and a touch of traditional love.

Enjoy the rest of these rooms!


Photo Credits: Chad Mellon


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